Welcome to Biodiversity Science, a quarterly peer-reviewed newsletter for those interested in biodiversity surveys and conservation management research.

Biodiversity Science contains the latest news and updates in methodologies, discoveries of new species from field trips, advances in conservation management and other related information.

We hope that this will become the home for biodiversity information and your first port of call for notes of discoveries and research developments.

About Operation Wallacea

Biodiversity Science is brought to you by Operation Wallacea – a network of academics from European and North American universities, who design and implement biodiversity and conservation management research programmes.

Operation Wallacea programmes operate in remote locations across the world, and have resulted in 30 vertebrate species new to science being discovered, four ‘extinct’ species being re-discovered and $2 million levered from funding agencies to set up best practice management examples at the study sites.

Visit Operation Wallacea’s website for more information.