Articles by Daniel ExtonOperation Wallacea

The ongoing fight against lionfish

The spread of lionfish through the Western Atlantic and Caribbean has brought devastating results to the region’s coral reefs

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Making the most of the Blue Planet generation

Recent years have seen a new type of diver emerge; one who wants more than just a chance to see a coral reef with their own eyes, and who feels empowered to make a difference in the growing struggle to protect these ecosystems for the future.

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Could Tela hold one of the Caribbean’s best coral reefs?

A newly discovered reef in Honduras could turn out to be one of the best coral reefs in the Caribbean.

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Use of fish fences in Indonesia

Conservation efforts to restrict over-fishing in Wakatobi

Action is being taken on an Indonesian island to tackle over-fishing caused by the increasing use of fish fences – an unsustainable fishing technique.

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