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Making land claims work for conservation in South Africa

The new generation of conservation areas, protected or not, must fully integrate communities and provide a diverse portfolio of livelihoods and land use if they are to work.

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Cape Parrot

CITES protection sought for the Cape Parrot

CITES protection is being sought for the Cape Parrot, a critically endangered species endemic to South Africa.

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Hooded wheatear in Egypt

Recording bird diversity in South Sinai

Extensive bird surveys have been carried out in South Sinai to map biodiversity across the St Katherine Protectorate.

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Stereo-video better for reef fish surveys

The use of stereo-video surveys to monitor reef fish communities can vastly reduce the errors that plague more traditional survey techniques.

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Sterilisation of elephants affects their behaviour

Results from a long-term study on the behaviour of vasectomised elephants in South Africa imply that this contraceptive method can have a considerable impact on the behaviour of the herd.

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