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Coral reef resilience enhanced by adaptation qualities of fish

A study into coral reef resilience and the ability of specialist reef species to adapt has found that fish can change their feeding behaviour depending on habitat quality

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Use of fish fences in Indonesia

Conservation efforts to restrict over-fishing in Wakatobi

Action is being taken on an Indonesian island to tackle over-fishing caused by the increasing use of fish fences – an unsustainable fishing technique.

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Saltwater frogs exhibit water conservation to exploit their environment

Research carried out on crab-eating frogs in Indonesia has found that these saltwater amphibians have some skin resistance to water loss that allows them to reduce desiccation during the critical period of acclimation from land to sea.

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Mangroves reveal more robust coral species

Studies into coral growth in extreme environments have revealed that some species are more robust than previously thought, and capable of withstanding light deprivation for many days.

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Indian tiger

Collecting new data on tigers in northern India

New wildlife recording software, that works on mobile devices, could soon be used to collect tiger population data in the Ranthambore National Park in northern India.

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