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Is there a future for coral reefs in acid oceans?

Research into the multiple environmental factors affecting coral reefs and how these factors interact is bringing a greater understanding as to how these fragile ecosystems are likely to fare under increasingly acid ocean conditions

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Coral reef resilience enhanced by adaptation qualities of fish

A study into coral reef resilience and the ability of specialist reef species to adapt has found that fish can change their feeding behaviour depending on habitat quality

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Understanding the drivers of coral bleaching for better reef management

Research on habitat variation on Indonesian reefs is providing key information on the tolerance of coral under stress that will lead to better management of reefs, particularly in light of predicted climate change impacts.

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forest dwelling lizard

Can tropical forest lizards survive climate change?

Preliminary results from the Bay Islands of Honduras show that, contrary to expectations, some tropical forest lizards may actually cope well with increasing temperatures due to climate change.

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Wildly fluctuating water levels in the Amazon

Research is being conducted in the Peruvian Amazon on the effects of climate change to its wildlife and local people. In 2010 the water levels of the Amazon River were at a historic low resulting in extreme dry conditions. In 2009 the same river was at a historic high, flooding huge area of Amazonian forests.

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