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Listening to fish sounds in the Amazon

A new field of passive acoustics is rapidly emerging in marine and aquatic ecology, in which scientists use underwater technology to listen in on the noisy aquatic realm

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The fisheries value of mangroves in Honduras

Mangroves may increase the abundance of coral-reef fish, according to a new study.

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Wildly fluctuating water levels in the Amazon

Research is being conducted in the Peruvian Amazon on the effects of climate change to its wildlife and local people. In 2010 the water levels of the Amazon River were at a historic low resulting in extreme dry conditions. In 2009 the same river was at a historic high, flooding huge area of Amazonian forests.

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Use of fish fences in Indonesia

Conservation efforts to restrict over-fishing in Wakatobi

Action is being taken on an Indonesian island to tackle over-fishing caused by the increasing use of fish fences – an unsustainable fishing technique.

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Stereo-video better for reef fish surveys

The use of stereo-video surveys to monitor reef fish communities can vastly reduce the errors that plague more traditional survey techniques.

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