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Tarantula species rediscovered after 100 years

A new record for Honduras of a tarantula species is one of the outcomes of a survey carried out in Cusuco over summer 2011

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Groundwater survey reveals new records and species

A systematic survey of groundwater crustaceans in the Republic of Ireland has yielded a number of first records and species new to science.

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frog in Trinidad

Students recognise golden tree frog in a genus of its own

DNA sequencing has shown that the critically-endangered golden tree frog found in Trinidad belongs in a genus of its own.

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Mangroves reveal more robust coral species

Studies into coral growth in extreme environments have revealed that some species are more robust than previously thought, and capable of withstanding light deprivation for many days.

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new form of coral for Honduras

New hard coral species reported in Honduras

New data collected on coral reefs in Honduras has reported one new species and several new forms of hard corals.

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New genus found in Honduran rainforest

A new kind of tree, first collected on an Operation Wallacea expedition in 2004 and found in Honduras, has just been published in the Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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