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Motivations behind conservation volunteering revealed

A new study investigating what motivates people to conserve other species – and offer up their time voluntarily to help achieve this – reveals that empathy and guilt drive the behaviour.

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Recording medicinal plants in an Indonesian village

A team of botanists has been engaged in recording plants used in herbal medicine in Buton, Indonesia, to ensure the knowledge persists beyond any future spread of Western treatments and medicines

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Taking high school scientific research to next level

An innovative scheme that promotes scientific research in American high schools is taking the course to the next level by linking up with Operation Wallacea to enable students to include field work as part of their studies

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Underwater lessons on field trip

Study shows benefits of conservation field work for students

Remote field expeditions can have a positive effect on students’ personal growth and leadership plays an important role in maximising this personal growth, according to a new study.

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UCAS points from expeditions – learning the fun way

Students can gain up to 70 extra UCAS points by taking part in expeditions and enhancing their CV.

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