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Opening up the rainforest canopy to science

Modern rope access techniques combined with the latest technology are opening up the rainforest canopy and allowing ecologists to survey a much neglected area

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Bioassessment leads to better quality water monitoring in Honduras

A biotic index is being developed to monitor water quality in Cusuco National Park, Honduras. Currently only chemical and physical parameters are considered, which provide only a snapshot of conditions in this vital freshwater resource.

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Listening to fish sounds in the Amazon

A new field of passive acoustics is rapidly emerging in marine and aquatic ecology, in which scientists use underwater technology to listen in on the noisy aquatic realm

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Indian tiger

Collecting new data on tigers in northern India

New wildlife recording software, that works on mobile devices, could soon be used to collect tiger population data in the Ranthambore National Park in northern India.

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species distribution modelling

Species distribution modelling – an increasingly powerful tool

Distribution modelling is increasingly being used in conservation science, bringing together field data, maps of environmental variables and GIS to create a powerful tool

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Stereo-video better for reef fish surveys

The use of stereo-video surveys to monitor reef fish communities can vastly reduce the errors that plague more traditional survey techniques.

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Field DNA techniques: how volunteers can get results

A makeshift lab in a remote part of Honduras is showing that successful research can be undertaken in highly unlikely locations. And this latest collaboration between Operation Wallacea and Salisbury University suggests that results from volunteers’ research can prove highly beneficial to professional scientists.

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