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What tiny lakes are revealing about cichlid speciation

Tiny lakes may hold the key to the spectacular adaptive radiation of African cichlid fish, new research has shown

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Deciphering the past to ensure viper’s future on the Cyclades

Over the last five years, an international collaboration of scientists has investigated the evolutionary history of insularly isolated populations of long-nosed vipers in the Cycladic archipelago

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Coral reef resilience enhanced by adaptation qualities of fish

A study into coral reef resilience and the ability of specialist reef species to adapt has found that fish can change their feeding behaviour depending on habitat quality

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Counting sheep in a changing world

Studies of the wild sheep on St Kilda show that population size is increasing while the sheep themselves are getting smaller.

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forest dwelling lizard

Can tropical forest lizards survive climate change?

Preliminary results from the Bay Islands of Honduras show that, contrary to expectations, some tropical forest lizards may actually cope well with increasing temperatures due to climate change.

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Saltwater frogs exhibit water conservation to exploit their environment

Research carried out on crab-eating frogs in Indonesia has found that these saltwater amphibians have some skin resistance to water loss that allows them to reduce desiccation during the critical period of acclimation from land to sea.

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