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The ongoing fight against lionfish

The spread of lionfish through the Western Atlantic and Caribbean has brought devastating results to the region’s coral reefs

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red lionfish

The role of temperature in the spread of red lionfish

The expansion of exotic red lionfish into the western Atlantic may be explained by their tolerance of cooler waters, according to a new study

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Can noisy reefs attract more fish and crustaceans?

A study on sound recordings of reef noise from different habitats has revealed that the highest quality reefs are also the noisiest, potentially attracting more larval recruits using sound to orient towards reefs

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High street cleaners

The story of the cleaner fish provides an insight into complex interspecific behaviours and an early warning of the state of our coral reefs

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Listening to fish sounds in the Amazon

A new field of passive acoustics is rapidly emerging in marine and aquatic ecology, in which scientists use underwater technology to listen in on the noisy aquatic realm

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