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The Island Biogeography of Birds on the Wakatobi archipelago

Recent work on bird populations on the Wakatobi archipelago has revealed that many smaller bird species are morphologically and genetically distinct from their mainland relatives. The outcome could be that the Wakatobi islands qualify for Important Bird Area status

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red lionfish

The role of temperature in the spread of red lionfish

The expansion of exotic red lionfish into the western Atlantic may be explained by their tolerance of cooler waters, according to a new study

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Recording medicinal plants in an Indonesian village

A team of botanists has been engaged in recording plants used in herbal medicine in Buton, Indonesia, to ensure the knowledge persists beyond any future spread of Western treatments and medicines

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First long term study of primate crop-raiding in Asia published

A study which took place on Buton Island, Indonesia on the crop-raiding behaviour of the Buton macaque has found that some troops spend up to a third of their time feeding on crops in farmers’ fields

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Coral reef resilience enhanced by adaptation qualities of fish

A study into coral reef resilience and the ability of specialist reef species to adapt has found that fish can change their feeding behaviour depending on habitat quality

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Understanding the drivers of coral bleaching for better reef management

Research on habitat variation on Indonesian reefs is providing key information on the tolerance of coral under stress that will lead to better management of reefs, particularly in light of predicted climate change impacts.

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Use of fish fences in Indonesia

Conservation efforts to restrict over-fishing in Wakatobi

Action is being taken on an Indonesian island to tackle over-fishing caused by the increasing use of fish fences – an unsustainable fishing technique.

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