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Investigating dry forest reptiles using unconventional methods

Unusual methods of tracking and identifying reptiles are being used in North West Madagascar. ‘Invisible’ UV nail polish and fluorescent powder are making it possible to study chameleons and snakes without making them more conspicuous to predators.

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Monitoring endangered iguanas on protected island habitats

Research into endangered iguana species is underway on islands off the north coast of Honduras. Whilst island populations are better protected than their mainland counterparts, these populations may be threatened by the presence of other iguana species on the islands.

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Brazilian herpetofauna surveys record species diversity

Almost three years’ worth of surveys into herpetofauna diversity in Bahia, Brazil have resulted in listings of more than 100 amphibian and reptile species, filling in valuable distribution gaps and underpinning conservation efforts there

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forest dwelling lizard

Can tropical forest lizards survive climate change?

Preliminary results from the Bay Islands of Honduras show that, contrary to expectations, some tropical forest lizards may actually cope well with increasing temperatures due to climate change.

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Hog Island Boa

The Hog Island Boa: squeezed to the brink of extinction

Timely intervention and subsequent protection of the population looks likely to have saved the Hog Island Boa from the brink of extinction

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