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The problem with DNA barcoding

Metabarcoding accurately recovers alpha-diversity (species richness) and beta-diversity (species turnover) information, in addition to generating the same management recommendations as morphological biodiversity datasets

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Recording the understory bird communities in the Peruvian Amazon

Surveys of an under-explored part of the Peruvian Amazon have revealed the rich diversity amongst the understory bird community there

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Groundwater survey reveals new records and species

A systematic survey of groundwater crustaceans in the Republic of Ireland has yielded a number of first records and species new to science.

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Brazilian herpetofauna surveys record species diversity

Almost three years’ worth of surveys into herpetofauna diversity in Bahia, Brazil have resulted in listings of more than 100 amphibian and reptile species, filling in valuable distribution gaps and underpinning conservation efforts there

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Hooded wheatear in Egypt

Recording bird diversity in South Sinai

Extensive bird surveys have been carried out in South Sinai to map biodiversity across the St Katherine Protectorate.

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